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  • MAY 24, 2014

Capital Funding on the Big Data Landscape

Most market research companies reporting venture capital activities in the big data industry generally capture news about top venture funds, top investors, and top fund receivers. Few show the hidden relationships or funding patterns between major investors and their investment choices.

So, for those who closely follow the capital funding activities on the big data landscape, here’s some good news.  Benedikt Koehler, a social media expert and a regular keynote speaker and contributor to trade magazines and books on advertising, data science, and media measurement—while preparing for the Strata Conference in Santa Clara—created a detailed network map showing the key big data companies and their corresponding venture capital or investment firms. The sizes of the nodes reflect the relative totals of funding rounds. Check out Big Data Investment Map 2014

The Investment Map

Two distinct versions of the big data investment map are included here. The updated version includes collated information on 50 of the “most important Big Data startups,”—as listed on Crunchbase API. On this map, the investors and the big data startups form the nodes; while the investments form the edges between the nodes. The “funding rounds” were used to create a weighted-directed network of VC funding activities in the big data world. In cases where multiple investors participated in a funding round, The total investment sum was split between all investors. Check out Big Data Investment Map 2014

The top-10 big data investors and fund receivers

This section of the big data investment map contains two tables—sourced from Crunchbase API. The first table shows the top-10 big data companies or receivers of capital funding in 2013. The second table shows the top-10 investment companies. Check out Big Data Investment Map 2014

Connections between the top investors and big data startups

On this table, the author used network analytical measures to find out about which investment company “is best connected to the Big Data start-up ecosystem.” A calculation known as Betweenness Centrality measure was used to determine how well the nodes are connected to each other. This table enlists an impressive list of big data investors and their investments, starting with New Enterprise Associates, Andreessen Horowitz and In-Q-Tel (the venture capital firm for the CIA and the US intelligence community). Check out Big Data Investment Map 2014.
Here’s a quick view of the big data investment network map:

Source: Big Data Investment Map 2014

Source: Big Data Investment Map 2014

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