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  • APR 27, 2014

Big Data Weekly: Big Data Week, Alpine Data Lab, Hortonworks

Big Data Week to steal the show

Next month, Belfast will play host to the worldwide technology conference sponsored by Big Data Week—linking 30 cities across the globe. This major conference is prepared to present speakers from reputed organizations like PwC, IBM, and Fujitsu. The main objective of this global event is to exchange knowledge on commercial applications, and technical issues surrounding big data like privacy issues, or data security.  This event is likely to welcome more than 100 big data experts on May 7.
Andrew Gregson, founder of media140 and Big Data Week London, mentioned that this conference does not only enlighten attendees, but also provides opportunities for understanding the benefits of big data in business.

Dr Stephen McKeown, chief executive of Analytics Engines, added “Through insightful speeches, engaging panel sessions and the work of all our partners in Big Data Week, this promises to be a key milestone for all those interested in technology in Ireland.”

For information, check out:  Big Data Week at Belfast


Collaboration tool from Alpine Data Lab

The big data startup Alpine Data Lab made a technology breakthrough with a new feature in their product called Chorus for team collaboration. This feature will also enable users to begin their work with existing data models.

This type of collaboration feature is highly desirable in small teams of data scientists with limited skill sets. This feature is an echo of Pivotal Chorus as Steve Hillion, Alpine’s Chief Product Officer happened to be the force behind Pivotal Chorus launch in 2011.


Hortonworks adds Concurrent’s Cascading SDK

According to Information Week, Hortonworks made an announcement to add the interface and support for Concurrent’s Cascading SDK on its Hadoop distribution, to enable easier application development for big data applications.

Nakamura of Concurrent described Hortonworks as a company that follows an open-door policy for embracing technologies that help with the enterprise adoption of Hadoop.

Concurrent’s Cascading SDK is a Java-based framework—endorsed by Internet giants like LinkedIn and Twitter. Now more and more enterprises are embracing cascading SDK. In a programming environment, the cascading framework is most applicable when developers have to create repeatable systems.

Cascading SDK minimizes the complexities of Hadoop programming, for example, with Tez of Hadoop 2.0, the SDK greatly reduces the programming delays associated with first-generation MapReduce.

Now, Hortonworks will start shipping the Concurrent SDK as part of its Hadoop distribution along with the technical support for the software.


Controversy over Hadoop patent

The USPTO’s granting of a patent to Zettaset comes with a twist as Zettaset has claimed that Intel’s Hadoop distribution—along with its management system—closely resembles Zettaset’s product! Thus, this patent owner has filed trade-secret litigation against Intel, which certainly makes this patent controversial. Patents are granted to innovators all the time, but this time a strong patent-infringement lawsuit is likely to follow.


IBM unveils new server model to tackle big data

IBM, in a bid to revive demand for its servers, is launching a high-end server that, reportedly, has 50 times faster processing speed than its closest competitor!

The POWER8 servers, comes as a result of three-years’, intense research investment to offer higher-value for the company’s server technology. These servers are geared to a market engaged in large-scale computing of big data with support for social data and mobile computing. Some analysts think that IBM’s shift to the high-end server market may mean serving only niche customers.

Now with IBM releasing the POWER8 data specs to the Open POWER foundation, the members of the foundation, which includes Google or U.S. chip-maker Nvidia Corp—will acquire open access to the proprietary technology of IBM.

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