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  • JUL 26, 2014

Big Data: The next big recruiter?

The world has gone digital, and there is a push toward a paperless economy. In addition, companies are making an intelligent use of data when it comes to hiring.

Want to hire excellent material engineers without having to go through all those hectic recruitment procedures which cost both time and money? Big Data may provide an answer. Present age managers are still people, and people make mistakes. Proper data tracking enables managers to recruit engineers and other officials without having to rely on guess work. But just how does Big Data help in the recruitment process? Read along, and you’ll find out.

What is Big Data? Big Data, is a collection of data sets, and as the name implies, these data sets are simply too large to be managed by conventional algorithms and databases.

What does Big Data do in the interviewing process?

Interviewers and recruiters have many factors to consider when they are interviewing. Candidates appearing for an interview have to go through many rounds before they see decision makers. A recent poll suggests that at least 30% of managers are unhappy with the kind of work the hired engineers do, pointing to an inefficiency in the hiring process.

Step in, Big Data. Mostly the data sets are used to store candidate and interviewer data which get analysed by complicated engines to create favorable outputs.

Interviewee behavior can be documented and archived in the data sets for examining by the complex algorithms that try to find the best possible attributes in a candidate, needed for the company, and this is done to at least 10 times more precision than what the HR department can accomplish. Moreover, these algorithmic engines such as HireVue, which examines data sets to give advice on the candidate and interviewer selection, get clever by the day to make the recommendation procedure an even smoother task. Engines like the HireVue have been put to use around the world to get better results in the interviewing process. It has been of most assistance to Chipotle, for which it has increased interview conversion rate by an astounding 161%.

All in all, the face of hiring candidates is changing, and a number of companies are benefiting from services like HireVue. There are still some issues concerning the standards of such selection procedure and HireVue’s policies are always changing, which sometimes makes it unreliable.  At the same time, such products are enabling hiring managers to make smarter decisions.

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