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Anthology of RPA Predictions for 2019

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If there was ever a most recent case of expectation alteration’ it was the video of Magdalene as she appeared on stage in Glasgow in April 2009 convinced of her ‘trial’ performance and was quickly ‘labeled’ by the crowd based on her simple looks and accent. The next 120 seconds (see video) were transformative in expectation alternation’ and in the judges’ words ‘the biggest wakeup call ever’. You know her as Susan Boyle

Expectation alteration can occur in hyper-growth environments, though I would say that RPA has shot past the hype stage. The last several years in this space have felt like a decade of growth. Questions in this market have morphed from ‘What is RPA?’ to “How do I deploy it within my organization? How do I scale? How do I measure value?” to “How do I find the right talent and can you help me drive cultural adoption?”

Accelerated growth of this nature and a congruous trifecta (I have talked about this in my prior blogs) of efficient investment, return on investment & time to value of return - is seldom seen in industries.

One of the lesser known outputs of RPA is – ‘Transformed Talent ’, an impact seldom seen by other technologies.

There have been multiple predictions in this first week of 2019 and towards the end of 2018. Here are almost all of them, summarized for your perusal and brief thoughts below. I have segmented them in this fashion to show predictions that drive Market Growth, Customer Value ie those that directly impact customer value, and finally those that help the vendors (eventually could end up helping the customers).


A humble point of view

This is a collection of inputs published by various vendors, analyst firms and experts with more experience than myself.

Will there be a major expectation alteration aka Susan Boyle example above, most likely not? Will the RPA bubble burst (one of the predictions, I read said that)?                         

I don’t think of it as a bubble when there is tangible value that Telcos, Retailers, Manufacturers, Financial institutions, Banking, Automobile & Insurance companies, Shipping and Logistic companies and many more are realizing today.

To put it in simplistic terms, there are two prime reasons for automation – to serve your customer and to serve your employees. There is a distinctive ‘and’ not if, not or. Organizations that do both drive scale, competitive advantage and growth.

Scale is often talked about as coming from ‘enterprise grade software’ which is attributed to ‘complex’, ‘rigorous’, ‘holistically strategic deployments’, etc. All good but getting Cinderella to the ball, in today’s fast paced business environment, requires easily consumable, quick ROI, democratized training and an immutable focus on customer centricity.

Speed being incongruous to scale, is a misnomer, nor can it be classified as non-enterprise grade.  

“People and Process synergies, ie eliminating process fragmentation and ensuring people alignment, will be the crucial difference between Scale or Fail automation.”

This is just one way of looking at these predictions, it’s not perfect and likely I may have missed some. 

What is interesting to see is that there are so few predictions on what will ‘directly’ impact and drive customer value.

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