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  • APR 30, 2014

2014 Big Data Events Not to Miss

Since big data events such as conferences, seminars, workshops or webcasts are conducted throughout the year, the objective of this post is to feature a few of the conferences that will take place this quarter—along with a couple of archived events, which can be downloaded from the respective sites after registration.


Big Data Week – multi-city events

Dates: Beginning first week of May 2014
Location:Trailing across major cities around the globe

Big Data Week is a leading global platform for showcasing big data community events impacting the worldwide industry. As they say—it really does not matter whether you happen to be a rebel, a scientist, or a visualizer . . . what matters is that you are passionate about the intellectual, psychological, and social impact of Big Data on human society.

Big Data World Congress

Dates: 17-18 June 2014
Location: Olympia, London

The mission of this conference is to facilitate face-to-face meetings between business owners and industry experts, and create future prospects of business partnerships.


Cloud and Big Data Conference

Dates: 9-10 July 2014
Location: Singapore

The major theme of this conference will be Cloud Computing and its contribution to the success story of big data innovation! Cloud Computing, one of the most buzzed topics in social media today, has suddenly gained worldwide popularity among the corporate data centers because of its innate ability to transform the data center into a “virtual platform depending on sharable, web-based computing resources.”  If you want to participate as a speaker in this premier conference, then you can access the website now and find out more.


The Harvard Innovation Lab

Made in Boston @

The Harvard Innovation Lab


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